I’ve never done this before, so bear with me, please. :)

As you may have seen, the idea of whether or not Christians sin is very important to me. But it wasn’t always. For years (at home and in church), I was told that Christians would still sin now and again. It was okay, we all had a sin nature, and we weren’t going to be freed from that until we went to heaven. I believed it, since I hadn’t heard anything different.

Then, what is it, a year ago? Or longer, I can’t remember. Anyway, a man whom I now consider to be my mentor and dear friend began to share his beliefs with me. He said that he hadn’t sinned since he became a Christian, and that he didn’t think Christians sinned. As you can imagine, I was put off by the whole thing. How dare he say I wasn’t a Christian? Sure, he wouldn’t go out and say it, but wasn’t that what he was implying? It angered me, and for a while I dismissed what he said. Then when he brought it up again, I started looking in the Bible for myself, to show him where he was wrong. I knew I was a Christian, and I still sinned! Same with many people I knew!

But the expected didn’t happen. The more I searched the Scriptures, I found in me a small, gentle push to listen to this new, ridiculous (to me) doctrine. As time passed, I found myself thinking it would be nice if what he said were true, then wanting it to be true. Keep in mind I had no idea these changes were happening to me at the time; it wasn’t until I looked back and saw that my mind had indeed changed. Then it came time for the ultimate step: would I accept the sinless Christian doctrine, or would I continue to resist it?

The answer was obvious. That day I fully embraced it and told God that my life was His–crucify this sinful flesh and make me a new creation! I didn’t say it exactly like that, of course, but that’s what I meant.

The next few days, oh! how I wish I could describe them. I felt different. Now, I’m not one to trust feelings, and I fully expected the feeling to pass, which it did eventually. But I knew something had changed in me. Paul said that believers are no longer slaves to sin. Jesus said that those He frees are free indeed. I didn’t have to sin anymore! I was freed from the bondage of sin! What a joyous thought!

And then I started reading the Bible like never before. This isn’t to say I read it more often, but that I read verses in a whole new light.

My views were quickly denounced by my family and friends, and they still don’t agree with me. My parents hope that it’s “just a phase,” that in a few months I’ll be back to normal. I just have to think this through, that’s all. But they don’t understand. God gave me a taste of a sinless life. He showed me that through His power indeed all things were possible. He promised that He would provide a way of escape in every temptation. How can I fall back? Why would I WANT to?

Now, it is not through my own efforts that I no longer sin. It is only God, who is abundant in grace, who saved me from sin! Some misunderstand, thinking that one has to keep his mind so focused on not sinning that he becomes preoccupied and becomes useless, not helping people in need, like we’re supposed to. That is not the case! It does not take the forefront of my mind, it is not a conscious effort. Living right comes naturally! I am truly a new creation in Christ Jesus!

That said, can you not see why I have to talk about it? Too many people don’t know the joy of being free, and I want desperately to show them! I know people will resist me, ridicule me and tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about. And several of these are pastors! It saddens me to see them like that. :(