Midterms are Nearing – Update

It seems as though the semester just started, but we’re already halfway through it, give or take a week. Classes have been going well, for the most part. Mass Transfer/Separations and Biochem are the most challenging, for sure.

My World Religions project topic is the creation myths of three different religious traditions (Norse, Cherokee, Shinto). Not entirely sure what information is going to be presented, but I have an idea of what I want.

Also need to work on reviews for Last of the Nephilim, Beyond the Reflection’s Edge, and Eternity’s Edge. Probably the review for BtRE will be based on the short review I wrote over a year ago. We’ll see. They might not be quite as detailed as the one for Enoch’s Ghost, as well.

Furry Weekend Atlanta is in three weeks. It will be my first convention. Looking forward to that and meeting people I’ve talked to on various forums.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Friday morning I attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the Academic Success Center’s (ASC)new building. The ASC is the campus organization that hires tutors and Supplemental Instruction leaders to help students in their work. SI is primarily for the freshman classes, but you’ll find tutors for any subject as soon as three people request it.

A few years ago, the Class of 1956 was deciding on a project that would benefit the campus in some way. I found out that they had been considering 19 other projects, but they ultimately chose to help the ASC. In a matter of a few years, the twenty-two leaders selected by the class managed to raise nearly $3 million.

And Friday made it official.

Of course, the ceremony is merely symbolic. But I’m sure the class members could not help but feel a thrill when their spades pierced the earth. I do not know how many will be alive when the building is complete. I don’t even know how long it will take. But I do hope that at least some of them can see the finished product.

Later in the day, Michael McLeod, my supervisor, told me that he wishes the new building to be to academics what the football stadium is to athletics. Who was I to disagree? I also want to see a campus focused more on academics.

Vent #1

Read at your own risk…

I’m supposed to be able to access my preliminary grade for yesterday’s calc exam; of course the page won’t show up. ‘Cause that would make sense, wouldn’t it?

Oh, yeah. We’re working on a project for Engineering. The idea is to get a rubber chicken into one of three holes on a ramp. It’s due next Wednesday, and thanks to random happenings, we more or less found out that unless something changes, we’re pretty much screwed. That’s great, isn’t it!

It might work, but currently the thing’ll screw up somewhere down the line, probably before it reaches the first hole. So guess what happens this weekend? Redesigning at the last minute!