New Podcast

If you have not noticed, we have scaled back our release of WagzTail episodes to once a week. The reason for this is twofold: First, we have no full-time editor, so we are currently limited to our spare time. Second, we have launched a new podcast, called ChristianPaws.

We had wanted to reduce the often quite religious nature of WagzTail, portraying it instead only as a family-friendly podcast, but we did not want to abandon deep theological talks, either. To do that, and to tie it in with the forum ChristianPaws (see the forum link at the top of the page), we have moved the religious-themed topics to their own dedicated show, with a slightly different format from the familiar WagzTail.

Today is Sunday, so a new episode will have been released on the forums by the time you see this. This week we are talking about faith. You ought to check it out!

Spring is here

Spring is here… I think. It is the beginning of April as I write this, and as hard as it may be to believe, I have to consider using a qualifier or three when making my declaration. Is it truly spring? In my post a month ago, I speculated that the end of winter was near, based on the budding trees and warmth in the air. What I did not expect was a cold snap lasting through most of March, making March colder than January according to TWC. It remains to be seen what happens to the local crops. I hope they have not seen too much damage. This is still a largely agricultural area, and we can’t afford to see a crop failure.

What will the season hold? The WagzTail crew has recorded a future episode about springtime, which will be released sometime this month. It… had a few issues but it should work out okay in the end. There’s bound to be a high pollen count for the next few weeks, which makes me glad to be inside, but if the weather stays pleasant, you can be sure I’ll complain a little bit — just not here.

I have other posts in the works. I will be posting them in the next few weeks.

New Wagz site

I’m going to follow Wolfin’s lead and let you all know about the Wagz team’s new splash page:

Well, it is not entirely new. It’s been around for a while but was either a list of links (Lucky you, those who did not see. Those who did, reminisce) or could not be reached at all because it was so bad we didn’t want you to see it. Now we do. will serve as the hub site for all the Wagz products you have come to know and love: WagzTail, FurTalk, ChristianPaws, and FurryChat. Who knows? Maybe there’s more on the way.

WagzTail 2.0

Those of you who have not forgotten this blog exists might remember a couple years ago when I linked to the WagzTail podcast. As it turns out, that particular incarnation kind of fell to the side for an indefinite time, because people were otherwise busy (life has a tendency to be that way).

But it has re-started! WagzTail 2.0. We are still the Christian Furry Podcast People (that’s not going to change), and we actually have plans to maintain weekly episodes this time!

Anyway, all podcasts are available for download on the web page: Go have a listen! Unfortunately you can no longer take the podcast quiz announced on certain episodes. Those have expired.

But there will be others in the future!


In the Links of Interest on the right-hand side of the page, you’ll find a few resources that are, well, of interest to me and perhaps to some of you. Of course, only two of the five are furry-related. The rest have some connection to DIOM, another interest of mine.

I would like to bring your attention to Wagztail, the Christian Furry Podcast. It is a family-friendly podcast aimed at Christian furs, often covering a wide range of topics. Some past topics: Maintaining Christian morals in mainstream furry culture, knowing God’s will in your life, and even music likes and dislikes.

I will admit I have not listened to all of them (I usually can’t sit still long enough and pay attention), but those I have listened to, I found enjoyable. Go take a look!

It can be reached here:

Updates have been sporadic of late, due to busyness and life on the part of the producers.