Tropical Storm Bill

Thoughts as of this morning:


Yesterday, the media were doing an excellent job of hyping the system in the Gulf, and it looks like a lot of people bought into it. Now imagine my (lack of) surprise this morning when I woke up and there were the faintest hints of blue sky overhead, when from the way people were acting yesterday, the world was scheduled to end by noon.

Called the office emergency hotline just to be sure, and lo and behold, the offices are open. So, I’m at the office (don’t tell them I’m typing this up). The roads were clear, though. It was funny.

The more level-headed are saying that whatever we get (if anything) will move in this afternoon.

Maybe I’ll get some excitement after all, but I kind of doubt it.

Thoughts on Houston

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote about where I’ve moved to, if I’ve written anything at all (can’t remember at the moment although it’s been talked about on Twitter and one-on-one for certain). So in the interests of either filling a gap in writing, or being redundant and amusing myself by talking about the same things again, here we go.

Houstonians are, as a rule, ruder than people in South Carolina. I’m not sure why that is. Could come from everyone having to live so close together.

I have yet to find an Asian restaurant that understands the concept of sweet tea.

Traffic lights mean nothing. Neither do the lanes painted onto the road.

Many I’ve run across don’t seem to realize there is a world outside Texas. (Is this a problem endemic to Texas?)

The lack of income tax is more than compensated for by the higher sales tax and cost of living.

So far I haven’t said anything positive about Houston, and it’s a policy of mine to at least try to find something positive to say when I have a list of negatives, to at least pretend to have balance.

Unfortunately I can’t think of anything worth liking about this place. My plan from the beginning was to be here short-term, but it may end up being shorter-term than even I anticipated.