The Right Writing Software

Those of you who follow this blog (if any of you still do) and who listen to Wagz media productions such as FurTalk and WagzTail, will remember a recent show about preferred writing software. And I am not going to rehash everything said there; you can listen to it just fine I know. Nor is this going to be a lengthy blog post about the perfect software for writers.

The fact is there is no such thing as the perfect software for writers. A writer will find a way to write. It might be with pencil and paper, or a text editor, or a word processor, or some other fancy software that they know of. Which one it is does not really matter, as long as it ends up with words being written.

I prefer a text editor for my initial drafts because that allows me to write without distraction. I don’t have to worry about formatting or anything like that, or wondering how my story will appear when I make it online-friendly. Writing with a word processor tends to take a little more effort to get works ready. However, a word processor is still needed for the polishing and editing stage, once everything is all together. There are several different word processors out there, but for me the best one is whichever supports .docx or .doc format.

At the same time, the oncoming ubiquity of Microsoft products is tempting me to go back to Word entirely, and not bother with text editors anymore. They are working to get their product to as many platforms as possible, and for someone like me who uses multiple platforms, having the same software and experience wherever I go is definitely a plus.

At the moment, I’m not sure what I will decide.

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