Quick California Thoughts

Most of the comments I’ve seen regarding the plot to put the division of California on the ballot consist of incredulity. Division of a state simply cannot happen, only certain unsavory fringe elements would ever desire it, it would never work, things like that.

I don’t think it would work either, but I have not yet looked at the economics of the arrangement. It’s simply a suspicion of mine that some of the new states may have a hard time staying afloat.

Really though, why the fuss? If people want to break away from an existing arrangement, why not allow it? Do all the other regions really have the right to tell a dissatisfied area that it is not permitted to leave?

If so, then so much for government based on consent of the people. (This isn’t believed by most in power anyway.)

There is an additional problem however. Say the referenda succeed. Say further that they win by a majority of, oh, 70%. What happens to the ones who didn’t want it? Are they to be stuck with a government they did not consent to? How is that right?

What this tells me is there is a fundamental error in the way government is conceived. Can anyone say what it is? What’s the solution?

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