It’s winter…

It is nearing the end of January, which means in this part of the world there is a half-and-half chance that winter is on its way out and we will start to see flowers blooming next month. There is also the possibility of a late-season snowstorm.

Southern winters are not known for their consistency.

Just last week there was the chance of two to four inches of snow, which became an inch of snow, which became snow mixed with rain, which became rain. The rain moved out before the cold moved in. But just days before that, it was hot and muggy, and the damp clung to my fur.

Today the meteorologists had another go at it, but this time they were a little more accurate. With the exception of the out-there, most outlets were predicting a glaze of freezing rain. Of course just this is enough to cause the Upstate to go into a panic; all the schools in the county were closed before noon and I am sure the shelves will be empty if I buy groceries in the morning. Even coworkers were nervous.

True, having to scrape a layer of ice off your car just so you can go to lunch is not fun, but as long as the roads are clear that’s more of an inconvenience than anything else. (This also gets to be one of the days that I make everyone freeze. I have fur, why do I need anything more than a light shirt?)

In the end, there was a glaze of ice on plant matter and elevated surfaces. The roads were fine. Somehow I suspect this is the last of real winter for the year.

4 thoughts on “It’s winter…

  1. We got a dusting of snow, less than an inch, and the roads were clear. The parking lot and road where I live, though, are a bit slippery, but it’ll melt.

  2. Hehe, and they say only Canadians get obsessed with with weather ;)

  3. I’m beginning to wonder if this is the last of true winter we’ll be seeing up North too; the daffodils are poking through the soil and the rain pouring through the night is certainly not anything close to freezing. Rather disappointing, that, considering that there’s not even been a proper snow. We anticipate our snowstorms up here.

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