Preparing a reading list

I’ve got my paws on a few books, one of which I’ve had sitting around for a few months and has been sitting at the end of the “to-read” list, but now that I have reached the end of that list, it is time to expand it. Recently I finished Paradise Lost by John Milton. It took a few pages to get used to the style, but once I did the reading became natural.

To start, I want to do a little bit of light reading and pick up a Redwall book I purchased back in October, Loamhedge by name. I am not particularly a fan of the books; there are some I like but too many of them follow the same tired plot for my taste, and it teaches a form of awkward absolutes: some animals are always good and others are always bad, with exceedingly rare exceptions. The world does not work that way.

Also on the list is John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. I have read portions of it in the past but have yet to suffer my way through the entire work. Of all the books on my list, this is probably the one I look forward to the least.

Third is The Natural Ability of Man, by Jesse Morrell. He is an open-air preacher I’ve been watching for the past couple years or so, and he has a number of sound things to say.

Edit: I would also consider various furry novels. Does anyone know of any decent ones? (Please do not recommend Kyell Gold. I have yet to see anything of his that I would deem appropriate.)

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