Prayer, and thoughts on the past year

God, how is it possible to repair shattered relationships or friendships or, barring that, sweep up what remains? In the past few months, while some friendships have been strengthened and nurtured beyond what I would ever have imagined, there are others that, neglected and starved for so long, are revealing themselves as far more damaged than I would have anticipated. Perhaps it is naivete on my part, as I am much at fault for neglecting them, but the realization is no less painful. But now that they have been so openly displayed, Adonai, where do I go from here? How is it possible to speak to them when the very thought is both exciting and dreadful? But to neglect this would be sin. God, the answer is apparent. Please give me strength and wisdom to carry it out. It must be done.

Adonai, this past year has not been a good one, in retrospect. While yes, some wonderful friendships have been nurtured, what of the broken ones? Especially the tragic way they have developed? Too much has been made manifest, more than I would have wanted to see. “Christian” sites in the furry fandom I would have loved to support show themselves to be tainted by sin, from the leadership to the users. How am I to support or endorse that which promotes what You abhor? How do I speak to the people? Is a schism wise? There may not be another option but, Adonai, I don’t wish it should come to that.

Please make it more clear.

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