Midterms are Nearing – Update

It seems as though the semester just started, but we’re already halfway through it, give or take a week. Classes have been going well, for the most part. Mass Transfer/Separations and Biochem are the most challenging, for sure.

My World Religions project topic is the creation myths of three different religious traditions (Norse, Cherokee, Shinto). Not entirely sure what information is going to be presented, but I have an idea of what I want.

Also need to work on reviews for Last of the Nephilim, Beyond the Reflection’s Edge, and Eternity’s Edge. Probably the review for BtRE will be based on the short review I wrote over a year ago. We’ll see. They might not be quite as detailed as the one for Enoch’s Ghost, as well.

Furry Weekend Atlanta is in three weeks. It will be my first convention. Looking forward to that and meeting people I’ve talked to on various forums.

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