To be an Oracle

Recently Mr. Davis posted a new blog entry about what it means to be an Oracle of Fire. The term “Oracle of Fire” comes from his book series by the same name, which is a spin-off of the Dragons in our Midst series. When he began the series, he did not know for certain what the term meant, although the dedication page of Eye of the Oracle suggests he may have had something in mind from the beginning.

He provides a newer definition from his to-be-released book The Bones of Makaidos, in which a character states that an Oracle is someone who will “Speak the truth. Live the truth. Be the truth.” I will not post any more on this blog, but those who are interested can go to his Issues Blog and read more about it.

So why do I post this?

It is because I cannot keep silent about the deception in this world. God has put a fire in my heart that cannot be quenched, and my efforts to not speak all fail. Even in the face of adversity from without the church and even from within, God has called me to be a light in the darkness.
This calling can take on more than one form. To the United States, I must plead with the people to return to the One whom they claim to serve. A people who at one second pray and proclaim, “God bless America!” or “In God we trust” when a second later they applaud debauchery and the murder of countless innocents.

And in the church, we face those who would say that God will look away from any sins we commit. We are forgiven, and when we sin God sees the imputed righteousness of Jesus. What slander! To think that God will excuse sin. Will God be deceived? Will he allow these pretenders dressed in filthy robes to enter His kingdom? Certainly not. Some have said that the obedient are bastard sons, because they have no sins to confess. At the same time, the ones who call on God’s name and simultaneously admit to sinning daily are the sons of God? The Lord Himself states that those who commit sin are slaves to sin, not sons of God. We must warn them and lead them to the truth.

God, let me take a stand against this deception. Give me Your message, and speak through my imperfect lips. Everything I have, everything I am is Yours. Let me be a light guiding the blind to You. In opposition, be my comfort. In times of trial, be my strength.

Let me be an Oracle of Fire.

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5 thoughts on “To be an Oracle

  1. Hey….I wonder if you remember me from the forums. I’m Bookie. =]
    I really like your blog! The templates (AND the posts) are pretty cool. :)
    I was also wondering if you’d like to participate in Twin4God/Bryce’s Scavenger Hunt! She needs more people to join in order to start, and it’d be awesoem to have you!
    It’ll be super easy and super fun. :D
    Keep up the great work!

  2. I remember you, Bookworm4God. Thanks. :)

    The scavenger hunt sounds interesting, but I’m afraid I’ll have to turn down the offer.

  3. Matthew! Great to hear from you again. Sorry for losing your email address…

    I don’t feel comfortable putting your email address out there for all to see, so I’ll probably not let your comment appear.

  4. Hello. This is Uriel from the DioM forum.
    Very insightful, that post is. Helps me see just what kind of person you are. I have been thinking similar thoughts, but not quite the same. Mainly on being on fire for God. It truly is difficult, but not impossible.

  5. Uriel-

    Sorry it’s taken a while to get back to you. Would you like to elaborate on your comment?

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