Today I finished Resolutions, which was the follow-up to Repercussions. Combined (since they tell one story), it’s just over 100,000 words long! That makes it my largest project to date, easily. Of course, DC and its storyline will surpass even that.

Here’s a list of my projects so far. Complete works are in italics, bold works are future projects, and current ones have no special designation. :P

The Dragon Conspirators
Dragon’s Return
Unnamed Book Three (?)
Footsteps of the Prophet (possible title)
Special Project (March/April 2008)

And a few other ideas that I’m thinking about. This should be enough to last me for a while, though.

2 thoughts on “Stories

  1. Lots of work ahead of you, it sounds like…

    I am writing a book series, too, but being a high school student, it’s very hard to find time to write when I actually want to…

  2. Can’t wait to see what the “special project” is! ^^

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