The Dragon Conspirators

So I realized something. A couple of you have read The Dragon Conspirators in its entirety, so you know the path the story takes. But that may change soon.

Yes, I have decided to rewrite it. Why? Because I can do better than what I currently have. True, much of the story should stay about the same, but I am going to change one very important event: the prologue. When I’m done with that, you’ll probably wonder what happened! That big object I mention in the center of the room? Gone.

As are all aspects of the Experiment, though Henry David Smithson will remain, most likely. Yes, he will. Except his role will be that of an observer of the dragon species.

By writing the stories and discovering the history of Elchnon and its inhabitants, I realized that it is possible for dragons to take on a human form on their own, although it can take centuries of practice to perfect this magical illusion. Arnín, however, is unable to do this. So his human form must come about through another means.

I think it makes the story more interesting, anyway.

When I originally envisioned the book, more took place in Elchnon than the finished product showed. While that most likely will not change, I would like to be able to include–if not in this book than another–a more detailed look at draconic culture. Feedback would be appreciated on this. Or any of it, for that matter.

I also thought I skipped too much. For example, I originally wanted Snake Valley to be just as badly off as the rest of the world, but eventually that changed and Ephmir became the governor of the region. But I don’t like how I mention the human condition without ever showing it.

So what does all this mean?

To be honest, I don’t know.

6 thoughts on “The Dragon Conspirators

  1. It means, oh ye of many questions, that you will have to rewrite lots of things. :p

    A look into Elchonnon’s culture would be cool, but that’s just me.

  2. You haven’t posted any of DC on the forum for a long time. How long is it? Er… how much have you written?

    Julius, I agree. :D


  3. DC? What story is that? If your referring to Dragonsblood (name to be changed) then it’s 71 pages.

    Oh, by the way, Luke (if it’s fine to cal you that, I’m ashamed I never asked permission before I started using your name) draconinan means harsh, and has nothing to do with dragons. lol

    Wrong adjective!!! Heehee…

  4. It really should be TDC, but I dropped the T. :p

    Dragon Conspirators.

  5. I used “draconic” in the post. One of the definitions of draconic is “of or relating to a dragon.” It’s not used as often as the definition you cited, but it is valid.

    And feel free to call me Luke.

  6. Yay! I was worried it bugged you to call you Luke, Luke.

    I know! I just thought you might want to know for some odd reason. :p

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